Technology Initiatives

Core Banking Solution (CBS)

We implemented Core Banking solution in all of our branches. With Core Banking in place, foundation for reaping the benefits of modern technologies was laid with particular importance to eGovernance.

ATM Card Issue (Rupay ATM Cards and Rupay Kissan Cards)

We have issued RuPay cards and Rupay enabled KCC cards to our customers.

RTGS/NEFT Interface

As part of Core Banking Infrastructure, we have implemented NEFT so that the benefit of it is made available to our rural customers. The RTGS testing is also going on and will be made live soon.

Anti Money Laundering Solution

We have procured and implemented the Anti Money Laundering Solution to meet the Government of India guidelines on money laundering.

Email Facility

We have procured email software – Lotus Notes for our use. We have provided email-id to all our branches / offices and also to senior management level staff. In the branch communications like, pass book / pass sheet / letter etc to customers. This would help the customers to communicate with us thru email also.

Asset Liability Management

We have procured and implemented Asset Liability Management Software as part of Core Banking Infrastructure. This would help us in effectively using our financial resources and maximizing our profits.

SMS Alerts

We have implemented SMS Alerts as part of Core Banking Infrastructure.

Mobile Banking

The process for implementing the mobile banking is going on.

AADHAAR Enabled Payments
The inputs required for a customer to do a transaction are
i)    IIN (For identifying the customer’s bank)
ii)   AADHAAR Number
iii)  Fingerprint captured during their enrollment

to facilitates the Government payments like NREGA payments, pension payments , various subsidies eligible to customers.